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Happy New Year! And 2021 Goals

Happy New Year! After yesterday's violent, failed coup by Trump supporters, 2021 feels much like 2020. But I refuse to let white supremacists dictate the direction of my year. That said, I have set goals that I hope will help bring my actions into alignment with values.

Relationships: Academia can be so demanding that try as I might, my relationships suffer. This year, my goal is to nurture the relationships that nurture me. This means reaching out to friends and family who are healthy to be in touch with. It means spending quality time where I am present and in the moment with the people in my home. It also means taking and allowing necessary alone time away from the people in my home. It means working on my issues so that I am as healthy as possible to be (virtually) around. I also want to be more intentional about my parenting, including writing a parenting philosophy to guide how I interact with my little one.

Career: As a junior scholar, I need to finish my book, and I want to spend my time continuing to build my CV. This year is about establishing regular writing habits so I move this book forward. I am fortunate to be surrounded by colleagues who are willing to help hold me accountable. I also am manifesting my ideal writing group (see my previous post). Inspired by Ellie Roberts, ideally, I would like to add a line to my CV each month, no matter how minor. I also want to be more intentional in my teaching, making sure that I am clear about my purpose and philosophy and that my courses and lessons align with them.

Creativity: I started on my path as a creative and allowed low self-confidence to lead me to abandon my passions. Each week, I want to take an hour or so to engage in a creative project. I also want to post on this blog once a week.

Spiritual Well-being: Each day, I want to engage in a daily spiritual practice. I am still determining what that looks like. I know that includes clearing and grounding, reading self-help devotionals, praying, meditating, and paying attention to my ancestors.

Fun: I want to make time for fun! While this will definitely overlap with creativity and relationships, I also want to engage in activities that connect me to local events (when it's safe to do so again) and virtual ones as well. I want to play more--alone and with my loved ones.

Finances: Save! Save! Save! And Save some more. Also, pay down debt. I want to spend less and spend more intentionally by choosing to purchase from POC vendors when possible.

Social Justice: I want to learn about the local politics of my new (ish) home and get involved in issues, like racial and disability justice, that are important to me. As always, I don't want to just talk about it, I want to be about it.

While these are more general, I do have a more detailed, measurable list of goals for each of these categories. I don't expect to be perfect overnight--or ever. And, if I am gentle and honest with myself, many of these are practices that I have already begun. I find posting this as a moment of vulnerability that I hope will lead to greater self-honesty and community.

What are your goals for the new year?

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